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A home wherever you go

A traveller needs a place to stay wherever he/she goes.  If you are following my post, you must be knowing that I am a big fan of couch surfing and I will always be.

But there is one more option that gives you a home wherever you travel. It is called AirBnB. Many of you must be already heard of it. Airbnb is a website/community that offers unique accommodations around the world. Note the word “unique accommodation”.  Unlike Couchsurfing one has certain options to choose and also one has to pay. ( unlike Couchsurfing )

But at times, every traveller would be willing to spend some money to experience some unique experiences. Who wouldn’t pay to live a day or two in an igloo, or to live in a tree house with a breath taking view, or to live in an ancient fort like a prince or princess, if all these are offered at a very reasonable price!

Yes, you heard that right. The unique accommodation on offer can be an igloo, a tree house, a fort, a yacht, a shipping container, a van, a super luxurious house, a palace; it can be anything. If you would like you can check my wishlist here.

They have some free joining bonus for both you and me, if you are joining through this link and get  ₹1,500 + travel credit. You will get this credits, so that you can immediately start booking  an accommodation anywhere in the world.

There are some awesome accomodations in India as well. Like the palaces in Rajastan, Houses with amazing view of Himalayas, Camp sites in High altitude areas, Secluded palace in the forest and many more. The travel will be a different experience with Airbnb.

I have a friend from Brazil who tried Airbnb in Fort Kochin, Kerala. I went to say hi to him. The place was neat, not the cheapest available option though. But it was definitely a different experience. I am itching to try Airbnb during my next trip.

I hope you will also start making your own wish lists in Airbnb. It will be more like a bucket list to inspire you. So plan a trip and not take it. If you are taking it, even better 🙂