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Hand written

hand written
hand written

Write with pen or pencil. But make sure you are writing something beautiful.

(In response to today’s Daily Prompt : Pens and Pencils )


Left or Right?

Arent they interesting?!
When you are confused..

Get out off the office! Quit your boring job! Redeem your life!

These are easy to say but hard to choose. It could be the wrong way. But who knows unless until you travel that way. So just trust your gut feeling and take that path, left or right, its gonna be alright.

The Karate Kid

If you can survive this hardships now..

The Karate Kid
The Karate Kid

you will not only become a good fighter..

But also a better human being..

My love affair with Indian Railway

indian railway, train, rails, photography
My love affair with Indian Railway

I wanted to write about my Love affair with Indian railway;  how I survived 24 hours in a General compartment, how I loved travelling In Indian railway sitting at the door steps and  lots more. Maybe soon. When I get enough time to collect all the relevant pictures. Now thanks to daily prompt for reminding me about this idea again.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs | Law Abiding citizens V/s Law breakers

Law Abiding citizens V/s Law breakers

Law Abiding citizens

Such a law abiding citizens!!

(Lucky click! The squirrels get caught in action)

Law Breakers

Law Breakers

Someone just did something against HIGH COURT ORDER!!!

Sign boards!!