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In the depth of thoughts

In the depth of thought
In the depth of thought

Under the evening sun,

at the evening of life

Dwelling into the

Depths of Thoughts


People and Jobs #8

The Artist

The Artist
The Artist

Colouring someone’s’ face to brighten his own life!

He is the street artist.

People and Jobs #7

The Dream Catcher

The Home makers
The Dream Catcher

Our Dreams are sky-high

And we are grabbing them from the roof top.

People and Job #6

The Treasure Hunter

The Treasure Hunter
The Treasure Hunter

He goes to sea, not on top but under;

In search of the treasure,

that will make him rich for the day

Unless until he finds it plenty

He is the treasure hunter

The Mussel hunter.

People and Jobs #5

The Climber

The climber
The climber

He is the climber

His occupation is hazardous

He doesn’t have any safety codes

He doesn’t even have a safety harness

He works high up above, higher than anyone

He might be feeling like God at least for a moment

But definitely not when getting paid for the day’s labour!

Yes, he is the climber