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Caption Please

What do you think about this picture?!

Captions are invited
Captions are invited

Which way ? : This picture was taken during a bus ride to a holy mountain.

Blur is Beautiful : Bokeh | Celebration of Imperfections

Well Don’t worry, I am closing the deal today. No more blur is beautiful campaigns. You can’t deny the fact that Bokeh is beautiful.  And bokeh is BLUR! So blur is beautiful!!  Yay! I nailed it!

Bokeh, I assumed you knew- is the out of focused images of light sources, like the one in the picture. Continue reading Blur is Beautiful : Bokeh | Celebration of Imperfections

Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Water From a Drop to an Ocean

photography, bnw, black and white, monochrome
The calm mighty ocean

I opted for the Entire ocean. Hope you like it

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