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My First #Book and My First Year of #Blogging

I can’t even believe that it’s been a year. On the first day of Sunny September, out of an impulse I created a WordPress blog. I don’t remember  from where I got the inspiration, but somehow the name “Trablogger” came to my mind and fortunately it was available. And thus I took my first step.

When I look back, it was one of the best things  that happened to me so far. It gave me confidence, direction and a purpose.  All of your likes and comments were/are so encouraging. It obviously gave me the much-needed confidence. When I look at it now, it might have even made me a bit arrogant, that I even started to give Photography advises like an expert on that field. Still I’m just another self learned amateur photography enthusiast.

But the real confidence boost was given to my writing. I never thought I could write anything interesting. All of your constant support changed that belief in me. The confidence escalated to over confidence and I took it to one step further and attempted to write my first book.

Today that  dream has materialised. Today I am publishing the Kindle edition of my first book. What could be a perfect occasion than the first year anniversary of my blog, to publish the book?

Here it is.  Click here to have a look at Amazon

Journey Is My Path : Book Cover
Journey Is My Path : Book Cover

Click here : Within INDIA

Click here : Outside India

It wouldn’t have possible without all your constant support and encouragement.

Those who want the paperback version, do contact me using the contact form at the end of this post. I will get back to you with the details. As of now the paperback edition is within India only.

Back in Nov. 2014, when I reached my 100th post, I thanked all the people who were encouraging me that time. When I checked that post, most of them are still with me and still encouraging me. I am truly grateful for all the lovely people out there.

So I am taking this opportunity to thank everyone who encouraged me during my blogging journey and those helped me unconditionally at various stages of writing this book.

Thank you… Continue reading My First #Book and My First Year of #Blogging

An Evening Thought on June 15th : World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

We all love evenings and Sunsets. But what if one day when we are not sure whether the sun will come back or not the next day, Will you still love the evenings and sunsets?

Here I am talking about the evenings in one’s life. Old age.

In the depth of thoughts
In the depth of thoughts

The illusion that we created, called as time will always tick away and we have to move forward. Getting old is inevitable. Everyone and everything will get old and reach its expiration date, even the Stars, galaxies and what not. Even after knowing these facts with certainty, that are backed by the scientific and mathematical evidences, we are doing all sorts of rubbish things.

This introduction was given not to depress anyone, but to tell you about June 15th. “The United Nations General Assembly in its resolution 66/127 designated June 15 as World Elder Abuse awareness day. It represents the one day in the year when the whole world voices its opposition to the abuse and suffering inflicted to some of our older generations.”

” The distressing crime of elder abuse often occurs in quite, private settings, making a vocal, public response that much more important. Let us strengthen our resolve to end this problem as part of our broader efforts to create a life of dignity for all” – UN Secretary – General Ban Ki-moon

When I came to know about this day, I wanted to find out the conditions of the elders who are subjected to any kind of abuses. So I decided to visit a few Old age homes. When I searched for the same in the internet to find out the address, the number of old age homes in the near vicinity surprised me. In one way it is a good thing that there are many elder care centres to take care of the elders, but on the other hand it means, more and more people are sending the elders to such places.

Again there are two categories in such elder care centres. The ones offering luxurious facilities for the rich while the next, offering kindness to the abandoned. One is business while the other is kindness. I couldn’t quite come to a conclusion about the moral sides of these institutions but I am glad that these are there to help the elders who are in need of care.

These thoughts reminded me of the conversation I had with a Danish traveller . She wanted to know how the elders are treated in India and what happens to the parents of the Indians who are working abroad. She said in future when our middle class grows, there will be more problems related to old age. She had already seen various parts of Mumbai and wanted more about other parts of India as well.

Then I had a real life story to tell her, of an elderly person who struggles to live his life with dignity.

The Weighing man
The Weighing man

This person was working in a cooperative society for years and earned nothing big. When it was time, he retired from his work and received a meagre amount as his pension and other benefits. As he was living alone, he had to find a way to live his life further. So he bought a machine investing everything including the last penny he had. It was a machine that tells the height and weight of people. Sort of crude form of BMI finding machine. The charges of checking weight and height using that machine was just 2 rupees. Approximately 60 people has to pay him 2 rupees just to make it a 1 USD. How many people during their busy life would want to know their height and weight on an average day?! Now you get the picture, how he earns a living.

He stands there from morning till night, expecting that some passer-by would want to know their BMI. And just stays there under that shade.

At last someone came to check the BMI and gave him a bigger currency. He hadn’t earned that much to give the balance back. And then the surprising thing happened. He said, as he didn’t have the change, they could pay later and he returned the big currency back. When he was asked to keep the money, he was not willing to keep an unnecessary extra amount which he didn’t deserve for his services. I would like to call it business ethics, even though he doesn’t have much business.

When we have the richest peoples of the world, building the biggest homes for themselves with the flashiest comforts which they would probably never use in their entire life, right next to the largest slums of the world and trying to maximize the profits in every possible ways; these kinds of people should be admired immensely. Their life is a struggle, but they fight with dignity. His life is a struggle and he fights everyday with dignity, even at this age.

Isn’t he inspiring? Even the ‘young and wild’ complains about the hardships of life. Take a moment to think about people like him before you complain.

Even this one who sells lemons is an example.

When life gives you lemons
When life gives you lemons

Lets be good to everyone

The Pseudo Meta Reality

This is some thoughts that I scribbled in my travel journal. It was inspired and happened when I was in Sadhana forest. Someone wanted me to post it here. As I am winding up the Auroville and Sadhana forest travel diary, I am posting this now.

“There is a reality that really exists which is different from you harsh realities. You still have your responsibilities, but you are not worried about them, you just don’t remember them, they are not in your active thoughts. you have so much better things to do, so much better things to remember. And you are happy just as you are. You love to be in that present moment. You may or may not miss the past events, but you are definitely not worried about the future. You are in the present, enjoying every bit of it. And I call it, my pseudo reality. And staying at Auroville and Sadhana forest was my pseudo reality.

I never wanted to go back to my real reality – to face the world, to take charge of the responsibilities. I wanted to escape into my pseudo reality forever! To be surrounded by interesting people, colourful colours, amazing music, art, creativity and all that goodness of the world. I am totally in love with this place. I want to redeem my pseudo reality. I want to revisit my pseudo reality.

Now I think travelling is my second pseudo reality. You are in that moment when you are travelling. You are enjoying the breeze as you are moving forward. You are completely savouring the gift of present.  The only one thing that reminds me about real reality is Money.

To travel, you need some money. So I guess money is the connecting thing between my real reality and pseudo reality. Money just connected all the things related to reality one by one and brings you back to the not so good feeling of being in the reality facing the  so-called truths.

The connection goes somewhat like this. Money is essential for travelling. To make a lot of money, you need a good job. One must get a good education to be able to find a good job. Well if you have a good education and good job, why don’t you get married?! Now that you are married, why don’t you spend some more time with your better half! Alright you have spent time long enough, what about having kids?! Kids grow up and the connection to the reality goes on like this and most probably the chain continues the exact same way.

Welcome back to reality, but with a twist. Go find a job now so that you can make some money. And then you can travel again. Because to travel is to live. To live is to travel. And create your real reality a pseudo reality. Redeem your life.”

Picture Critique

If anyone is looking for a professional feedback on any of your picture, you can check out this blog. I am amazed at the detailed feedback I got for one of my pictures.

Here is the link

Picture Critique


Random Act of Kindness India

Even though I am not very active on Facebook, I have to share this. I think I am doing some random act of kindness by sharing this 😉

I think one act of kindness lead to another. That is what happened after I posted yesterday’s post.


This is the link I found and I want to share this. Hoping that the FB fans will like this!