bucket list, dreams, wanderlust


bucket list, dreams, wanderlust
Bucket List

Bucket list , as you know is the list of things that you would like to do before a certain point in life,  either before 30, 50, 70 (or whatever the number says)  or before you die!

Writing down your dreams has a way of becoming through some strange ways, they say! So here is an opportunity  for all those who visits this page to write down your bucket list. I am hoping to make this an ultimate bucket list! A never-ending bucket list. I hope you will join me in this effort.

I want you, as you are visiting this  page, to write your wildest, craziest, most impractical dream and add them to the bucket list.

Please do share and comment it below 🙂

221 thoughts on “Bucketlist”

  1. My bucket list…is really simple… learn to ride cycling, swiming and go trek the Himalayas and I think atleast two are achievable…possibly all 3…once I learn swiming I will have lots of exciting more stuff to do that I can put in my bucket list, one will be surfing… I also want to do tiger survey since past 2 years and do loads of mountain trekking…all simple lists nothing fancy…

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    1. Learn to cycle and go to Auroville?! 😀
      I think all of them are achievable 🙂
      Yea, learn swimming, surfing, snorkelling, scuba diving and so on.. That will be exciting. Well I am going to organise a few mountain trekking. If you are India, south side probably you can try out some of the beautiful mountains. 🙂


  2. I will I had my first trekking experience weeks back and it was quite hard for me, though it was moderate level trekking…Bananthimari Forest or hill…after that that guide told me we atleast climbed a mountain and that is an experience and told to build up practice trekking more for preparation for Himalayan trekking… that guide wants to trek and climb Mount Everest… and I have to learn swiming because there only there was a zip gliding to lake experience and I had life jacket and all but was the odd sheep sinking down… caused a slight racket in water…somebody picked me up on kayak and told me next time no trying any water sports stuff without knowing swimming… anyway(: it is something riding cycle or bike and feeling the wind right, I reckon it is nice feeling, also a nice feeling to trek a mountain and know you have done that even if you struggled doing that…

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    1. For Himalayan trekking one needs a real preparation. Even I want to do it someday! You definitely had a heck of an experience in that lake 😀
      Yea, end result of a trek is always nice however hard it maybe. You can try some small mountains if you are planning a visit in India. Western Ghats has many such beautiful small and big mountains for all levels of trekkers.


      1. http://streettrotter.com/2014/07/19/10-vital-questions-answered-before-you-sign-up-for-chadar-trek-2015/

        I think this will come in handy(: … Yes, there is Dudh Sagar and some other hills… I visited BR Hills recently just visited, full forest area, we could not check out the K Gudi forest because it was very very windy… in our cottage there was no eletricity because tree fell on eletricity line… spend time seeing the greenery and admiring the view of the BR Hills… for me trekking will be challenging for some more while until I get used to it…did only one trek till now and got a feel on what it involves…our guide took the help of old man familiar with the mountain and that old man walked up without shoes!!, across rocks, stepping them… I got scratches on my legs thanks to the throns and twings… and got hit by a kayak padel on the nose as well someone by mistake banged my nose while paddling and lastly on that lake which is a useless lake, in the middle I was the only one sinking, I was making breathless noises dipping in the water and managed to scare the poor people(:…I think it is funny now how I manage to sink with a jacket on a useless lake… but it was ok…the trek was hard at first and I got tired in the middle, energy drained and thought I cannot go further up steping on rocks and mud slopes and I was drinking so much water, more than what I generally drink and was afraid I will suffer without water treking back… We climbed a mountain and enjoyed the wind and the veiws…

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  3. I am not a foreigner(: Maria is some name given for blog commentary work, but I don’t do spam commentary… recently visited Pondicherry, BR Hills and Mysore past one year…can’t call that lot of places visited in country

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    1. Thank you for taking time to share your bucket list.
      Do buy a camera asap. I think I can help you with the last item in your bucket list. Owning your own website is sort of very easy and not that expensive these days. I’ve been part of developing some basic website. Let me know if you need any help. 🙂

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    1. Great. You can find a few photography tips in this blog, if you are interested. Your bucket list is nice, definite and possible. I hope you will achieve them all very soon.
      Thank you for sharing your bucket list 🙂


  4. Travelling all around Europe, and the world is first on my bucket list. I’d also like to learn a few more languages like Spanish and German. I currently only know English, Hindi and French 🙂 Are you from India? 🙂


  5. Visit all the 7 continents , Do the Chadar trek, Do all the indian states, Learn photography, Volunteer for a couple of months in some part of the world and teach kids , Start a restaurant someday ( well i did start, but had to close down due to my relocation..hope to start again and never close down) , Do a full marathon and so on 🙂 the list is endless! Wow…i have so much to do 🙂


  6. Skydive/bungee jump. That’s on top of the list. I want to do several others that means tackling my fears. Before I traveled to New York, that was actually on the top…I still want to visit again!

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    1. Good to know that you have already ticked one item from your list. I hope you will do the rest of them too, very soon. Good luck and thank you for taking time to add your list 🙂


  7. I’ve ticked quite a few off my bucket list. Venice, Paris, the Maldives but there are so many places still I’d love to see … Canada, Lord Howe Island, even places still here in Australia, like the Kimberleys and the Red Centre. My urge to travel is huge, just need the time … (and money) Still, I dream on.

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