“Journey Is My Path” Is On Flipkart Now!

After a long wait and fighting with procrastination, finally I am posting this.

“Journey Is My Path” Is On Flipkart NOW!

Yes, If you are in India, You can order the paperback edition of my first self published book “Journey Is My Path” through Flipkart. Follow the link below to order your copy.

Order Journey Is My Path on Flipkart.

"Journey is m path" paperback
“Journey is m path” paperback

Outside India

If you are outside India and want to order the paperback version, please contact me on below email id. I will get back to you with the necessary information.ย  The email id is given below.


Ebook Fans

“Journey Is My Path” was first published as ebook on Amazon Kindle Direct publish. The kindle version of “Journey Is My Path” is still available.

To order Kindle version within India follow the link

To order Kindle version outside India follow the link

There is one more option. If you want to order directly from my website you can do so by following Jimpify Website.


7 thoughts on ““Journey Is My Path” Is On Flipkart Now!”

  1. I have bookmarked your book for future attention. I have a list of books I plan to read — have promised to read (and usually, review) — so long that I probably won’t get through it in this lifetime. I’m not sure whether that speaks to the likely length of my life, or the enormity of the list. One way or the other, I have stopped adding books. I don’t read as fast as I did. My eyes don’t like reading anymore at all. My eyes don’t like ME anymore and I praise the unknown inventor of auto-focus every morning and evening with incense and flowers.


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