Mundane or Not

Mundane Monday Challenge #36

Welcome to Mundane Monday Challenge.

This is a challenge created to find beauty in almost everything. The challenge is simple : find beauty in everyday mundane things, capture the beauty and upload the photographs. And give me a pingback.

Anyone who comes across this post can take part in this challenge. And you are free to challenge or invite other bloggers who might be interested in finding beauty in those everyday things all around us.

Mundane or Not
Mundane or Not

Here goes my entry for this Mundane Monday Challenge.

New Feature Added : Guidelines

You might not agree that it is Mundane. Because you are looking at the flower on the right. Well, now its time for you to think about it. 😉

So What are you trying this week?

Hope to see your entries. You can participate in this challenge till next Monday.

Previous Week’s entries

Shade and Shadow by Aadhira

Bird’s Eye View by LadyleeManila

Pop of color and blur by Natasha

Amazing Lighting by Lynne

Creativity in Snow by Lisa

Blurred Fruits by Maggie

Making Time by Douglas

Abstract waves by Dr. Ko

Beautiful lonely Leaf by Gun

Interesting, Intriguing Rock by Fim

Beauty of a ceiling fan by E Adams Wright

Lonely boat with a buoy by Debs

A Mumbai Life by Ajanta

Finding an Ant by

Gnarled tree by Sona

Royal Ashtray by Dr. H Bhatnagar

Thank you everyone for joining the challenge 🙂

64 thoughts on “Mundane Monday Challenge #36”

  1. What can I add that hadn’t already been said? I totally second all the previous comments ! I cant wait to join the Mundane Monday again and I really need to spend time stalking your blog. Till then, keep it up Ji 🙂

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  2. Dear, not sure it is the right place for a tech blogging question, so excuse me in advance . But can you help me in fixing my featured pic? Why do they always appear cropped ? Is there a magical touch somewhere to make them appear normal ?…

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    1. For that I need to use your blog theme. You can play with options in Appearance>customisation.
      Maybe the featured image size is already set by your theme that way. In that case you cant do much about it.

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          1. Let me finish scrolling your Tips first, I don’t want to look like a tourist 😉 Happy healthy and funny New Year, to more beautiful pic, travels, and beautiful people we ll meet along the way ..

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