Count Down : Its Almost Here: Just a Few Hours away| #Excerpts #WritersRoad

Few More Hours to go…  ‘Journey Is My Path’ is almost ready for the wonderful readers out there.

Today’s sneak peek from here and there?

            I smiled at him, seeing him conquering his own limiting beliefs. Now I see him trying to trek higher mountains with much more hurdles. He has the trust he needed within him on himself. So he would once again come back to plains to tell few more kids, that it is indeed possible by everyone, as long as they are ready to overcome their own fears.

Do tell me, if you have decided to read Journey Is My Path.

26 thoughts on “Count Down : Its Almost Here: Just a Few Hours away| #Excerpts #WritersRoad”

  1. Nice except(:… yes keep motivating others to overcome their fears… I think the book must be better than watching some movie for entertainment(:… and the cost almost equal or lesser than a movie outing… got nice message(:

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  2. Hey… me too wants to publish book on my travels on cycle(:.., I have padalled 8800 Km across place of TN, Kerala, Karnataka, Orissa spreading awareness on freeing gender from crimes… … I have cycled, eaten free of cost in dhabas, homes, tea stalls in return for the message and stories I tell them(: also stayed on roads when no shelter is found making friends with nice street doggy(: … and continue to ride on… anyway, goodluck with the book… we should cut yummy cake for it… inaugurate it… here’s a cycle song to keep everyone in good spirits(: … goodday book writer, life chroniclar… write on travel fellow.

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    1. Hey Rakeshjee.. I have seen your fb page, your website sometime ago. I couldnt quite place it through which platform. Probably FB or couchsurfing. It was when you reached Kozhikode i guess. Maybe I am wrong. Just a faint memory.
      I am sure, you will have a much better story to tell. I am looking forward to reading your stories.
      Thanks a lot for all the wishes. Maybe someday we can meet . And thanks for the ‘rain drops’ song 🙂


      1. ok… you can leave the photo, just a message and authograph(: … generally authors have photo and some note on them thats why asked, plus I think its speacial if one gets a book with something hand written by the person who wrote it… otherwise it will be just another book(: … and I won’t advantages over buying a e-book…now tell me if that was too much to ask…

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