Morning magic

On the way to somewhere..

This is yet another set of pictures fromΒ a train journey.

As usual I was sitting at the door step in the morning and chasing the morning light.

At the door step
At the door step

The morning light was magical, and turned every mundane things into a magical atmosphere.

Morning magic
Morning magic

But later the magic people could do caught my attention.

We can do it
We can do it

And all these were on the way to somewhere.

49 thoughts on “On the way to somewhere..”

  1. Hey Jithin,

    ‘On the way to somewhere…’ a great title wonderfully described visually…the close up, mid range and distant shot suggesting at possible origin and potential destination. The opening photograph is my favourite also…the juxtaposition of stillness and dynamism puts me readily in mind of Ying and Yang polarities….the concept of opposites existing in harmony within a unified whole, or as it is sometimes expressed in Taoist literature, The Supreme Polarity that is Non-Polar: β€˜Non-polar and yet Supreme Polarity’. The Supreme Polarity in activity generates yang; yet at the limit of activity it is still. In stillness it generates yin; yet at the limit of stillness it is also active. Activity and stillness alternate; each is the basis of the other.

    ‘On the way to somewhere’…establishes movement between relative points: one must have left somewhere to be heading towards somewhere else. It is that sense of movement which has always held fascination with me, particularly with regards to photography…the manner by which photography captures a single moment in time but fails to establish the exact nature of the activity that takes place either side of that one photograph. Perhaps it is the absence of this knowledge that contributes so successfully to the magic of a photograph…the viewer being asked to establish the ‘likely’ scenario occurring on either side of the event by accepting the reality and detailing of the subject matter within the photograph and then engaging the imagination and placing it before and after the shot. We may all share a similar understanding of the reality of a photograph, but given the uniqueness of the imagination, one could never fully account for how the individual contextualises the image itself. And by contextualise, I mean: the parts of something that immediately precede and follow an event and clarify its meaning.

    Thanks for sharing your ride out of town πŸ™‚


    DN – 29/05/2015

    P.S: I have to agree with Amy…’chasing the morning light…into a magical atmosphere’ is a poetry in motion…

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    1. Oh Dewin, Thank you so much again. The way you interpreted the relationship between the motion and stillness just blew my mind. And I am glad that the picture could give you a similar experience, that I had experienced during that photographing moment. And thank you for explaining the concept of Yin and Yang.

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      1. I am an indian lover πŸ™‚ First in 2013 I visited North India ( Delhi, Pushkar, Jaipur, Agra, Varanasi), in 2014 ( Mumbai,Goa, Hampi, Anantapur,Bangalore, Madurai and Kerala Varkala and Kochi) And I will come back!! πŸ˜‰ India is very big!!

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  2. Nice train shots. Love the feet πŸ˜‰ Train journeys can be so relaxing, yet so frustrating at the same time IF you aren’t an experienced traveller. I think some of the truest travel experiences come from riding on local trains and mingling with the locals. And no, not all experiences are enjoyable. But that’s travelling! πŸ˜€

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      1. Most welcome!
        Yes…lot of Feetfies.
        My sister is doing ok. She is on chemotherapy. It’s a struggle..for all of us. Coping with the side effects and fighting with the depression. But we’ll be ok. Thanks for asking.
        Forgot to ask, how was Banglore workshop?

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