People and Jobs #14

The Deserted Man

The deserted man
The deserted man

Mohd. Rafeeq, Pakistan.

I met him during my first encounter with the desert.

He sits here under the sun from morning to evening, checking and keeping the record of the trucks that comes to this area for sand.

He is the deserted man.

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40 thoughts on “People and Jobs #14”

      1. I do so much, we love all of your photos, sorry we have missed so many, have had a lot of health things… but we try to look at as many as possible. Hopefully almost done with appointments.
        I love them all, each one. And you, of course. Be well. ❀ -CC

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  1. I love these – they remind me of the “people of New York” series – it’s amazing to consider the variety of all these people’s lives… think of the things they’ve seen, the stories they could tell.

    Thanks for sharing.

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