To kind blogger

An open letter to a Kind Blogger



 Date : 30.10.2014

Place : Chennai, India

Dear Kind blogger,

Thank you for all the kindness you showered upon me. It my pleasure to meet you in real and to be able to enjoy the generous hospitality you have offered me without a second thought. I must admit that I am really overwhelmed by the blind trust you showed to this perfect stranger – whom you have only known from the words and pictures on this blog – by trusting with the house keys.

I am not sure if I will ever leave a big house, with all facilities and a wide varieties of small to medium to big antiques and other expensive stuffs, with a  perfect stranger. Now I can think of all sorts of ways of making some easy bucks when I was all alone at your home, very near to the Chennai market where one can sell almost anything imaginable. But you chose to trust me, and that too blindly. So I couldn’t even think of such a heinous act.

You allowed me to stay at your place, use the electricity, use the water, use the wifi and use all the facilities at your home. In return for what? My travel stories?! Or just like that?

I remember the day I received your message on WordPress and in Facebook page. The previous day,  I had updated my plans of visiting Chennai while I was travelling. When I had internet I found your message and I had already left from Chennai. You wanted a sort of wordpress blogger meet up. Somehow I didn’t find the idea very cool at that point of time. But I replied, we exchanged numbers and we re-planned to meet when I come back to Chennai after the trip.

At that point I wasn’t very sure of my plans. I wasn’t sure that I would return to Chennai at all. But universal intelligence has different plans. So I had to return to Chennai and  we had to meet. So I remembered and called you when I was coming back from Thiruvannamalai. Even though I had one extra friend with me, you accepted our request without any hesitation.

You were heck busy with your work, still you replied to our messages and directed us patiently when we got lost. It was late and you still had to work, even though you took a break and came to welcome us, showed us the home, opened the door of your home for us and again left for work, leaving us, only us at your home, whom you have just met.

You didn’t come back until 12 and we fell asleep somewhere around that time. We woke up in the morning with some plans to go out early in the morning. But you were sleeping at that time and we hadn’t talked to you about our plan because we only saw you for less than 15 minutes altogether! After waiting for very long, at last I mustered the courage to wake you up. I made one ring to your phone, you didn’t wake up; knocked at your door lightly, you didn’t wake up, called out your name aloud, some how at last you woke up at 9 in the morning. Then only we came to know that you reached home at 2 in the morning. I really felt bad for waking you up and disturbing your sleep. But you said it was alright and you were about to wake up by that time anyway. I am sure you were being nice by saying that.

And again you showed us the secret place where you keep your house keys in case you weren’t home when we come back later that day.  That day my other friend left for Kerala and I was all alone in your house most of the time. As per your request I decided to stay at your place for one more day. Thanks to my no-plans.

With the help of your wifi, I updated my blog, I found you in Couch Surfing site and wrote a very positive reference for you on that site and also found some couch surfing activity in Chennai area that day. And later that evening, I headed towards the Chennai couch surfing meet up and met some more kind people. You promised me that you would leave the office a bit earlier that day, so that we could get to know each other a bit more in detail. Even after I finished the meet at 8pm, you were still busy with your work.

But somehow you were able to reach home earlier than expected. And after staying at your home for more than a day, finally we could talk something. I thoroughly enjoyed your European trip adventures. I also wanted to know more about the bucket list that you shared on my bucket list page. And thank you for the movie suggestion, I watched it after I came home and  I immensely enjoyed ‘the way’. Even though you had to work the next day, you stayed up late. We talked a lot about couch surfing. But I was really learning the real couch surfing spirit from you. The interesting fact is that I neither requested a couch through the Couchsurfing website nor I knew that you are a couch surfer as well. Anyway I learned a lot from you. You made me realise that the best things that make a journey interesting and enriching is the people you get to meet on that journey. Also you taught a lot about kindness and trusting people blindly.

This is what I wrote in my travel journal that day.

Kindness is a beautiful thing. All aspects of kindness are beautiful and it transforms everyone involved into a happier persons. It obviously makes the receiver happy and then in turn the giver happy and it even makes the spectator happy. So this whole kindness thing is a bringer of happiness.

I am bad with expressing my true emotions with the same intensity through my words. I have a feeling that I couldn’t thank you enough for all the help and kindness you showed me. So I have written this letter to you.  Thanking you from the bottom of my heart for everything. It was great meeting you and  thanks again for all the life lessons you have taught me.



PS : This is a work of fiction based on true events. If any resemblance of places, incidents or people, it is purely intentional, as there are people like this really exists in this world. When I visited Chennai after my Thiruvannamalai days, I was at the receiving end of kindness. Meet  CheefHobo  Of Itchy Feet and Beyond. The kind blogger for whom the letter is addressed to.

PPS : Talking of Kindness and Kind blogger. I would  love to mention Amy of ‘The World Is a Book… ‘  who is another very kind blogger who has helped me in achieving my dreams, who is still encouraging me to dream big. Thank you very much for the support, help and  everything.

112 thoughts on “An open letter to a Kind Blogger”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful and intimate story with me. I’m honored to be included. I’m so touched by the way you present your emotion. You are a young, kind, talented, and intelligent man, you have so much to offer, say the least. It’s my great pleasure to know you, Jithin.

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      1. Your words are always eloquent and photos poetic beyond beautiful. This story of kindness is very touching, well delivered. I’m privileged to be your reader and follower. Your response made me smile, it’s Monday morning here! Thank you, my friend. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Thanks a ton again 🙂 Your words also makes me happy whenever I read them. Maybe I should save your words for future reading to cheer me up whenever I am down 😀
          And I am glad that you had a great start to the day and to this week 🙂


          1. I liked the letter but it was not my place to comment but I liked it very much so I usually comment in smileys or “…….” Then you said Thank you and then I flashed my teeth again ,I guess I favor smileys to ‘Most welcome’ 😀 😀 They look more like me 🙂

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  2. Wow Jithin, this is really, really beautiful.
    I’m ashamed to admit it but i actually have tears in my eyes from reading this post.
    The Kindness of Strangers
    Trust and yet more trust.

    Thankyou, Jithin, for this wonderful story.

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  3. It was so wonderful to read this. In the news we often hear the negative, and seldom stories like this sadly are told.

    There is still a lot of beauty within the hearts of many human beings.
    Thank you for sharing this beautiful letter with us. It takes an amazing person to give freely, in a trusting matter to a total stranger.

    An absolutely wonderful read! 🙂


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    1. Indeed Carl. We don’t get to hear good news and about good people not as much as about the bad ones. And I too believe that there are plenty of amazingly beautiful souls are living all around us.
      Thank you for reading this long letter 🙂

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  4. Beautifully beautifully beautifully, written mate ..!!
    It sincerely touched me and very badly. I am happy that you have such wonderful associations !! You deserve it !! And your friend, he is an awesome of a guy !!

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  5. Reblogged this on EvAntArt and commented:
    On the blogging 101 course I discovered some wonderful blogs … and there are still many more to visit. Pho Trablogger is one of the discoveries. I do not travel nor couch surf but I do love people and tend to see the best in them so I really enjoyed reading thois.

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    1. Thank you so much Phaena. 🙂 Glad you agree that kindness can be found even though it is rare.

      Well I was looking for you and you just came in time. Can you do the next part in the chain?


  6. I’m deeply touched by your letter.In an age where people are mostly concerned only about their own well being, trust and kindness will pave the path for a happier life, for yourself and for others.
    Thank you.

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  7. I’m back here again, wanna to get the kindness quote from you. Earlier I said that I was saddened, because your blogger friend works late and hardeveryday, and still is kind to and trust people… I did a post at around that time telling stories about mega rich people’s life style… It’s a mad world!! 😦

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    1. haha.. are you referring your life style?! 😉
      Anyway it is life. some people will be lucky enough to enjoy various things in life, some earn those enjoyments, and strive for it. Good to know that you have earned that luck 🙂
      And it is his choice to work late 🙂

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  8. It was a beautiful letter written by your true expressions! ❤ I'm truly happy to know you are surrounded by kind people. You obviously deserve to be surrounded by them as you are also very kind (the law of attraction hehe) .

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  9. This was creepy at first(: I am wondering what a different and nice flavour of world or life your experienced, both of you guys are definitely lucky(: Now I know that nice people exist in the world, because strangers have helped me at dire situations… Like long back in Mumbai when I was falling down trying to catch a local train a stranger pulled me up…and I did not get the spirit to thank him properly because I was slightly embarrassed ):… another time I got onto wrong train and it is long story…from Chennai had to go to Delhi, and my ticket was for a night train instead I got in afternoon train, I was actually travelling with friend and we booked it together and I assumed we will be in same afternoon train like idiot… I was scolded by everybody, including tt but he allowed me to travel ticketless till Vijaywada where I got to wait for Tamil Nadu Exp which will arrive there in the morning…everyone in that station though deserted were wonderful, especially the old lady at the waiting room, she was total offensive to any males entering the ladies waiting room and she was brilliant to me though the lady was sleeping most of the while… and inside the train tamil nadu exp, my seat was given to some other guy…he was army guy, I explained to him, he told please go up and occupy seat and he will share a coach with his friend or someone… I was scolded by tt many times here, that I missed the train, coach is alloted to someone else and that other person had the right to occupy my coach… the other guy told it is fine, he can manage or something… well I know those guys were mean but I thought the army guy was nice… I was alone girl na, looked very young as well so I think it was not nice for tt people to scold me like that, like they should have picked someone more authoritative… and I remember one guy was following me around at Vijaywada station but could not get in the ladies waiting room so that served as Lakshman rekha and kept me safe… weird though it was because with cap and boy cut and loose t-shirt and pant I looked like a young boy, “thambi”… I became someone later who adopted a normal women and lady look later because in Chennai when I was travelling in Palavan bus long back, one stupid old lady complained that thambi (me) was standing in the ladies line and not the man’s line…was horrible(:…ofcourse but I really know there are nice people out there…cool, they make you feel comfortable however you are… I got another story regarding a cycle guy who is cycling aroung India propagating the message of “Gender Freedom”… looks like he cycles addresses crowds, lives on roads or houses of hospitable people, eats with them, baths on taps he finds on roads etc… and survives telling everybody he meets to have balanced views on gender and stand against all forms of gender violence… anyway goodday…

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    1. Creepy at first?! 😛
      Well good to know your stories of solo adventures and being at the receiving end of random acts of kindness. Indeed the world is a better place because of such people. And thank you for the link.


  10. Yes, I thought that CHennai person is an idiot… trusting a stranger, giving the whole home to stay and being so nice too… I dn’t think I can be like that stranger ever in the giving end… well for the help receiver if you were a girl I might have been worried staying at some stranger’s home…but this guy was nice and harmless,,, glad he got a nice harmless person as guest, I would have felt if the guest violated or harmed the good soul in any way… still you guys are lucky… you know I heard that places hotles in chennai have cc camera in bathrooms and places and women have to be careful): I think it is true things are evil out there that don’t support the staying of innocence… really finding a stranger so nice is very nice…good you wrote this letter to him.. and now he is no more a stranger to you for sure… a friend of a different level I guess

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