Write something beautiful today

Write now..Yes Right Now..

My friend, Carl of “the old fellow goes running” informed me after seeing one of my posts,  hand written  that January 23rd is Hand writing day. I remembered that just now. So I decided to do this.

Write something beautiful today
Write something beautiful today

So here is my question.

When was the last time you wrote something on a paper? When was the last time you wrote your mother tongue, if you have one different from English?

If you haven’t written anything in a long time, why don’t you join the challenge? Write something and post a picture. Challenge someone else. Lets all write!

Are you writing something right now?

PS : The script in the picture is Malayalam, the language of Kerala

268 thoughts on “Write now..Yes Right Now..”

      1. Send out a post and tell them to tag their post (Handwriting) with a Tag (for example: Trablog Handwriting 1-24-2015) In other words, they will make this one of the categories and tags of their post. In the reader go to that tag (Trablog Handwriting 1-24-2015) and it will pull up everyone that has written a post and tagged it correctly with that category (tag). It is important that everyone does it and writes it in correctly.

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        1. But I mostly use pingback! If you leave the ‘link to this post’ in your post, then I will get a notification and I can check. Tag is also a nice idea. Well for your information, I have already included this tagging thing in the next flash fiction chain post 🙂

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          1. It might take them awhile to catch on to tagging their posts for your challenges. It might take several months for them to get into the “groove” of tagging it correctly. Once they do you will see how much better it is (although, like you say, you still want pingbacks) and that is still okay. If everyone tags then they get more exposure from more people around the internt.

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          1. Ofcourse.. we spoke the language understood by both sides.. so I learned English to speak with Mallu side and Hindi for Gujju side.. I do understand Gujarati well.. but cannot speak or write.. And I only know “Illa” in Malayalam

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  1. What a fun challenge! Unfortunately, I completely forgot how to write in my mother tongue. 😛 I can only type it now. I think I will join in this challenge and ping back once I get something going.

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    1. haha.. see, I knew it 😛 Even its not as easy as before for me to write in mother tongue now. I cant write it so fast now!! But I haven’t forgotten yet 😉
      Im waiting for your ping back 😀

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  2. Lovely! Yes, i wrote. I write everyday and feel satisfied after I have put down a few words on paper(it may be the grocery list). Thank you for asking when was the last time I wrote in my mother tongue. That was maybe back in school and I am ashamed of it now. So, I revisited Shiv Kumar Batalvi-a prominent Punjabi poet. Thank you for reminding us of our roots.

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      1. Yes, i always write in English 😦 i used to think in English. That is how you master a language, they told us. And for our generation, mastery of English was considered an important stepping stone to success. But, i realise now, we cannot neglect our mother tongue. We would be held responsible for its declining popularity.

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        1. Yes we were told to master English. Anyway it did only good. Anyway we cant forget our mother tongue so fast! But to learn a foreign language takes time. So we just need to revisit the roots at least few times. Rather than completely neglecting it.

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  3. I love hand writing, I still have the same old fountain pen I ve been traveling with for.. ever. I used to send post cards to my grand parents, from everywhere. I still do, to my Mum and my little brother, simply because I love the feeling of writing, nothing to do with emailing. it forces you to take the time, which is already the intro to a love letter to me. I love to send them notes, sometimes with a pictures, because I stumbled on something that made me think of them 🙂 ANd writing the address on the envelop is already enough to make me smile. I love our century, but nothing replace the old ways of communication, don’t you think?

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    1. That is sweet! Good to know you still keep the fountain pen and the ink with you 😉 It reminded me of my early school days 😀 Everyone’s dream was to have a ‘hero’ fountain pen which is a brand. I’m not sure how popular it is.
      So are you going to share a picture of that?! 😉 Not the address you have written 😛
      Im not sure about replacing old ways of communication because even emails will eventually become an old ways of communication. So we will change and we might think email was cool too 😉 But then writing will be ‘cooler’ 😛

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  4. Wow…now that is a question ! Well , as far as handwriting goes…nothing can beat that for me…in fact I have a diary in which I write down my short stories , poems etc…and I do that a lot…even as a child I had this diary of poems and all…
    But language – English
    Hindi , on and off , to make grocery lists for an errand boy …
    And my mother tongue…malayalam….sadly never ! Actually being brought up as an NRK (non residential Keralite ) I was obviously not exposed to my mother tongue , but my parents made it a point to speak with us in that..And I did learn to read it a little , while on my Kerala trips during summer vacations…
    So , I can read bus board and even magazines , though slowly …In fact during my B.Ed course in Kerala , I had to read and translate a few things in malayalam….so it did improve..
    But writing…no progress…the only thing I can is my name… 😛
    But even my daughter speaks proper Kannur malayalam now 😉 Though once back to fauji life , I might have to struggle to let that stay….

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    1. that’s was like a post!! 😀 Well planning on sharing a glimpse of the diary 😉
      Well that is a new information! 😀 then I can speak so fast and you wont understand Malayalam, right?! 😉 Haha.. she speaks proper Kannur Malayalam?! 😀 That is lovely!

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  5. Very interesting question. I always handwrite letters that are of special significance. For example, I have a friend who lost a son. I handwrote a letter to her recalling memories of time I had spent with their family. Some how to me for that kind of situation it just seems so much more intimate and personal to hand write it. And although I actually work in IT I still have my notebooks for keeping some records and tracking some projects. I guess I am old school.

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    1. Thank you for taking time to reply 🙂 Taking time to write something to make it special is really very kind of you 🙂 In some cases old school tricks work better and more efficient 🙂


  6. i handwrite stuff all the time – trouble is no one can read it!
    i can hardly even read my own writing myself, when i look back on it!

    the handwriting sample in your post looks beautiful, can you please post a bit more of it – would love to see more of that writing!

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    1. haha.. that happens a lot of time. We right something so fast and then trying hard to decode it later.
      Thank you . But I have written only that, just for this post 🙂
      Are you sharing any of your written things? 😉


      1. maybe.. sometime.. this is a great post trablog look how many people are commenting! its a winner! you must put it on the daily post or weekly writing challenge!!

        i love that curvalicious language! i really want to see more of it.. can you make a new post, showing more of this lovely looking writing style?

        and even… for people really interested in linguistics like me.. a run down on all the different indian languages you have been referring to and what makes them different??


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        1. Do you write Chinees? We already have a Cantonese on the page. So join the party 😀
          I am not sure if I can put it in Daily post. But if more people are sharing it , then its good that way.

          Ok I will send you something more too, some more writing or a link to this language.

          All the different indian language can be a too serious topic for me to handle. But anyway I can help you if you want to know more. Writing a post will take long time for me to prepare well 🙂


          1. hi, i saw the Cantonese page- the writing in chinese is the same – the pronunciation is different between standard Mandarin ( Putonghua or the common language – originates from Beijing Dialect) and Cantonese or other regional dialects…

            I can write a few characters, not much. My daughter is much better.
            Okay will find some to share.

            there is a whole category on my blog about chinese characters

            and one post in particular about writing with calligraphy brushes


            I used to practice calligraphy – a peaceful, calming meditation on words and the formed word.

            don’t worry too much about the indian languages – just if you get around to to – i love languages and the historical and cultural reasons of how they form….



          2. oh.. you are definitely very serious about languages and calligraphy!! Which language do you write most other than English?
            I agree calligraphy can be calming meditation. I think I have seen something similar in a movie.

            Ask me if you want to know more about any Indian languages.
            Here is a small link for you 🙂


          3. indeed. which language do i write other than english most often? none.
            i used to handwrite in spanish after travelling to south america to keep in touch with friends made there — but it kinda faded away and i couldn’t now. don’t use chinese to write because i don’t know enough characters.

            thanks for the link – very interesting – i see your language descended from brahmin which is as old as at least the 5th century BC.
            the brahmin language though seems to have more linear shapes – like triangles and lines.. it says your language came via grantha – which does have more curves but not as many as yours…maybe the curvy parts came in by grantha and developed more later….

            it must feel so beautiful to write, all those lovely curves.

            i wonder if the style of handwriting influences people’s thinking?

            AND i think wordpress should develop a way so that when you click on ‘reply’ in the email you are led directly to the particular comment – yours is SO long that it takes ages to scroll down!

            one more thing: i think its great that through this topic you have encouraged your country people to remember their indigenous language!

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          4. so you know a bit of Spanish and Chinese. Cool. Glad you enjoyed the link.

            Yes, most of the south indian languages came from Sanskrit. I don’t know many things about it as much as you do. Yes, it is beautiful to see a nicely written Malayalam words.

            Haha..hand writing can make the people calmer?! 😉

            oh, I never replied from email. Sorry for the trouble. I use to reply from https://wordpress.com/notifications/
            It is easier that way. You can also try it.

            Well people attempted Malayalam, hindi, Punjabi
            Then Cantonese, Japanese, English, Russian


          5. oh, the wordpress notifications.. thats a great idea!

            i don’t know anything about indian languages at all, apart from what i just read on the link you provided!

            but i wonder what kind of people changed a very angular written language like brahmin appearing on the site you sent into such a lovely curvy language. curvalicious indeed! sanscrit itself is very roundy…

            so again i wonder about the kind of people and culture that transformed something so angular into writing form so lovely!

            but please start new post if you do address this – I’m sick of scrolling down eternally on this one~!!!


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  7. I love writing things by hand. I still do that at work while taking notes during meetings. Also, have a few friends that I write hand written letters to, once in a while! I can’t write in my mother tongue though! Can only speak the language…

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    1. Thank you for sharing your views on this. Good to know that you still write on a paper. And it is a sweet gift to write something for those special ones 🙂
      Btw Are you planning to share some of the writing?! 😉 And what is your mother tongue?!


  8. I wrote just a couple of days ago, but just realised that I wrote in English, because those were some notes for my blog. How bizarre.. Will write something now. Although, I’m a bit late with this 🙂

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          1. OMG that is amazing! THANK YOU!

            how did you transcribe it? phonetically?

            is Malayalam a phonetic language anyhow? i guess so from the link you said — curvy shapes as ‘letters’….

            so what doe the text actually mean if you just transcribed it phonetically? meaningless dribble?

            thanks for the transcription, incredible!

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          2. yea phonetically. Malayalam is phonetic language, and at least 4 different sounds can be found like ta,da,dda,tta like that 😛 😀
            Yea, that is meaningless sound.


  9. Don’t know how I missed this post Trablog, I am sincerely sorry. You are SO creative. And wow….the comments here about the different languages.
    Thank you so much for the shout out. This really means a lot! Now I know why you asked if I remembered National Handwriting Day! 😀

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    1. haha.. its ok. Yea, its good to know about the mother tongue of many people. It is interesting. Many of us lost connection with it somehow!
      You told me about the hand writing day, so obviously I have to give due credits 😀 So are you going to share your hand writing?! 😉

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      1. My apology – I have to postpone it for another week – got crazy busy last weekend, no time to make a new picture to show off my “so-called beautiful” handwriting..so will ping-you next Monday instead!

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          1. maybe you can write a leave letter to your boss, saying “yo boss, i don’t feel like working,needs to play minesweeper, so im going home” You can post that hand written letter here! :p

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  10. that is something to ponder on..i wrote in Hindi yesterday when I gave the list for the sabziwalah :p
    I absolutely love writing( even though my handwriting sucks!)penning thoughts on paper is beautiful even in techno age!

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  11. If I’m still liable to comment, then the last time I used my handwriting was..umm…two minutes ago…eh?! Lol :p But no, seriously! There are some perks of being a school student, I guess. 😉 And the last time I wrote in Hindi was 20th of this month; my Hindi exam… :p
    Honestly, all these preparation months are too cruel. I keep on craving to write a post, but it just takes up a lot of my time. Therefore here I am, trying to view as many post as I can in the span of fifteen minutes… 😥
    Maa just called, I guess break time’s over… *sob* *sob*

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  12. since i do documentation in my job…..I literally write everyday….whether it is to write up a file or sign my name. somedays when i have to write so much…by the end of the day…you’d think i became a doctor as to how my handwriting is (isn’t).

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  13. This is a great idea. I did something like this, last week, but it wasn’t for your challenge 🙂 Most of my writing starts the old fashioned way; very cathartic! And I love your photo!

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