Walking in the beach

Travel Diary | Day 21 : The New Beginning

[ 27.10.2014 [ Monday ]

Had to wake up early in the morning at 5, even though it was my last day in Auroville. Because I had made plans and I had promises to keep! I was ready by 5.30 and went out with my camera and waited for my friend to come and pick me up. She didn’t show up on time, so I had to make a call and reminded her. In the mean time I was alone, bored and only a dim day light to accompany me. So I decided to have some experiments in nature. Clicked some trees, dew drops and spent my time experimenting.

Morning Dews
Morning Dews

And soon I heard the rumbling of a moped. Its better be late than never, I responded.

We headed to the beach in that moped. I was amazed and disappointed over the fact that, all these days I never did an early morning ride! The morning scenes were breath-taking and I had to stop the moped frequently to catch my breath 😉 and to click some pictures.

Morning Silhouette
Morning Silhouette

Like fellow blogger, Shooting star pointed out, even the electric post looked fab in that morning light. I was so disappointed that, I was leaving this place that day!

Driving through the morning rays
Driving through the morning rays

More disappointed that during all these days, more than 2 weeks of my stay, it never occurred to me to wake up early in the morning and go out with my camera. Maybe I was tired, maybe I was lazy, but now definitely I was being greedy for more!  So I focused on the present visuals.

Soon we were in the beach. It wasn’t an exceptionally  great beach. Even though we missed Sunrise, we didn’t miss a lot of people came there for their morning routines! Such a sad reality of beaches! But a camera can always focus on the beauty.

The never ending energy of Seas
The never-ending energy of the Seas

We were the only people who came to ‘see’ the beach.

Walking in the beach
Walking in the beach

The fishermen were getting ready to go to the sea. Preparing their nets and boats.

Leaving behind the mark
Leaving behind the mark

We just strolled along the shore, exchanging our stories.  There wasn’t a lot of time for me to spend in that beach. I had to pack my stuffs, meet my friend and get a bus to our next destination. So we came back to Auroville.

I was back at my Couch. It was time for me to say byes and thanks. Parting is always hard. I conveyed my gratitude through words, to my couch surfing friend, turned friend, turned host Gaurav for all the help. If I hadn’t met him accidentally on the first day at Auroville, my story at Auroville would have been a different one.

A different universe called Auroville
A different universe called Auroville

Here I was waiting for my friend, to leave this different universe called Auroville, towards our new destination.


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      1. haha !! you caught me…I have to be honest.. I commented on featured picture I saw on the reader…my mistake 😦 But I realize now , there is not one ,but a series of amazing pics ! I love the footprints ,the clearing on the road ( or a canopy I think )and the sun one in particular 😛

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