Fence at Edakkal caves

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Fences

Fence : Defending the Offenders

Fence at Edakkal caves
Fence to protect the carving at Edakkal caves

This is the Edakkal caves where you can find the Stone Carvings of Cave men, the Neolithic men who lived there in 6000BC. You can read more about it from here.

60 thoughts on “Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Fences”

          1. Counter question!! 😀 Okie I chose the third. Because of the action and because I like to break rules sometimes 😛


          2. I replied in the wrong place 😦 Sorry! I love the guy, his posture and the expression. Also, the backdrop was that of ancient civilization, which blends well with the modern fence and of course, the “new” man 😛 Did I tell you, I love monochrome 😀

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          3. Haha.. I thought I did it! 😀
            He is the one who explains things. Maybe he wasn’t aware that I have a wide angle lens 😛
            It was basically a picture of Fence. So Monochrome makes it visible through the entire length of the picture.
            You do love Monochrome?! You are a person of classic choices 😀

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          4. Yea.. most of the high contract pictures look fab in monochrome. But it is a sacrifice one has to make! You have all those colours in a picture or in view. And you are deciding to go for monochrome!! At times it is hard to take such decisions!

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          5. I agree. One example is that of beach photographs 😀 Or just about any nature photography! Although I am not as adept as you are, I was in a dilemma when editing the photos of Ahmedabad Heritage Walk. All the photos were Monochrome-worthy 😀

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          6. Yea.. at times we are so obsessed with even little things and wont feel like changing it in BnW. Once I decided to take pictures only in Monochrome option, But I ended up taking in both modes!! Happened in Adalaj! Did you go to Adalaj Step well too?

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          7. It is still beautiful. I could easily fill my memory card!!
            The way to that place is horribly neglected. Didn’t even realise there is such a beautiful place till I entered inside the gates! No sign boards, nothing. Not even a good road!
            But the place is just WoW!


          8. Do you know why it is not allowed to go to certain parts? Like they have kept some spikes to restrict people from going to other side.
            Been to Sarkhej Roza, Gandhi ashram and some few other places. around

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          9. I have no clue….

            Sarkhej Roza is pending long time for me. Let the cold subside and I will capture it as well 🙂 Gandhi Ashram rocks!


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