The path to the forest

Travel Diary | Day 9 : The Non Talent show Night

15.10.2014 [ Wednesday ]

Another day, Woke up before the wake up call and got ready by that time. After the 6 o clock morning circle, I again went to the forest with the forest team. And we cleared some space for planting new trees by taking out some acacias. We came back before 8.30 to have our breakfast. During the breakfast time the second sevas were allotted. I was already assigned with lunch cooking for that day. So after the breakfast I headed to the kitchen along with other kitchen team.

There will be one chef, who will be good at cooking, or experienced enough to understand how to cook for a large group of people. And other members will help the chef with cooking by cutting and chopping vegetables.

Hygiene was very important. We had to clean and disinfect all the knives, spoons, utensils and even the table that we were working on before starting. And the vegetables were also cleaned properly before using them. After cleaning everything we took our positions around the table and started cutting the vegetables. There were a plenty of onions to cut. I was crying at the end of the onion cutting session.  There were a lot of carrots, cabbages and so many other things to cut and chop for salad as well. The chef told us how  big each slice should be and gave a demonstration as well. And  Rice was cooked by the chef.

After around 2 and half hours, lunch was prepared. After preparing the lunch we had to clean the entire place again. Kept all the things at their usual place. Transferred the food to the main hut.  By 12.30 everything was done. Then the chef sounded the gong signalling that the lunch was ready.  One more delicious vegan lunch.

The main attraction of the day was at night after the dinner. That was the Non-talent show night. It happens every Wednesday at 7pm. It is a platform for showcase one’s talent, even though if one doesn’t have any particular talents! That is what The Non-Talent show.  Singing, dancing, simply telling some jokes, puppet show.. it was all fun. But there were some guys with ‘serious’ talents! They played the instruments really well and their songs were simply fabulous.

There were no winners and losers in this show. I can say everyone was a winner in that show. Apart from Veganism and sustainable living, at Sadhana everyone believes in having a non-competitive environment. At Sadhana, no one plays competitive games. No one is competing against anyone. Everyone supports each other, helps each other and move forwards together.

These philosophies and living these philosophies on a daily basis makes Sadhana an amazing place to experience. One more amazing day added to the beautiful memory section of mind. Good night..

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10 thoughts on “Travel Diary | Day 9 : The Non Talent show Night”

  1. No one plays competitive games …reminds me of a poem ‘ The Race of flowers’ by W B Rands…If only this could be a societal reality …utopian ….

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This post evokes a lot of thoughts.

    First your photos!! Stunning. My preferred is the spectator. You captured a very special emotion on his face.

    Secondly; I had to laugh imagining you crying with all these onions….

    Thirdly; how possible still is to live with the utopia of human beings that don’t naturally compete? They seem to thrive well. I loved the idea of meeting without having to perform well and just show the talents, whatever that is.

    How did you feel being there?

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    1. This is as long as my post itself! So a big thank you for your time 😀
      First: Thank you. He is such a cute kid and maybe staying silent for the first time 😀
      Second : It is bad to laugh at someone when they are crying 😛
      Thrid : Well it is possible to a certain extend. You are in this place for a selfless service. There is no need for you to compete for anything. So I feel amazing to just be there. You will find more in the upcoming posts 🙂


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