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The 2000 Rupees Project : How to Plan like a real HOBO

Those who were following my blog for sometime must be knowing about my 2000 rupees project. I started out on a trip to see how far I can travel in INDIA with this couple of thousand rupees. ₹2000 is less than US $33. So I started out from my home town towards North East India. Due to lack of connectivity mixed with my laziness, I was not able to give an update on this project. So I am doing it now.

The second part of this trip after day 3  is an imaginary travel which never took off from the planning phase. Just don’t confuse it with my actual journey.

Well ready for some number crunching 😉

Day 1 : Kannur, North Kerala to Coimbatore

Train fare 50+180 =   230  (Distance 259+496= 755km)

Food cost 30+75+50 =   155

Bus charges 50+50 =   100

Total cost for the day =   485 [~ $8 ]

It was an overnight train journey, so no accommodation costs.

More detailed description can be found from my Day 1 of Travel Diary

Day 2 : Chennai to Pondicherry

Break fast : ₹ 50

Bus fare : 15 +85 = ₹ 100

Rest of the day I was enjoying the hospitality of my Couch surfing friend.

Total cost for the day =   150

More detailed description can be found from my Day 2 of Travel Diary

Day 3 : In Auroville

My plans were changing from this day onwards! I was supposed to leave this place in a night train to my next destination, Tirupati. But this place, Auroville changed all my plans. I really love to travel with no plans at all. But at times having a plan is good too. Well in short my plan changed and I decided to stay in Auroville for a couple of days more.

As this was not as per plan, I had to search for an accommodation for the night also.

Food costs :  ₹120

Stay : ₹ 500

Total : ₹620

The next day also I stayed in the same place and almost similar costs. So that was the end of my ₹2000!

Day 1+2+3+4  : 485+150+620+650 = ₹ 1905 !

But these plan changes were not actually part of the ₹2000 project.

For those who interested in knowing my ideal plan for the rest of the journey, here goes the Ideal plan. This is ideal plan because, so many unforeseen factors are not taken into consideration while planning this.

Day 3 : Pondicherry to Tirupati

Leave Auroville on Day 3, in the afternoon or at night.  There is a passenger train in the after noon from Pondy at ₹50 or an overnight train from Villupuram at ₹100. I can take the night train and save a night accommodation.

So total cost for Day 3 would be

Food cost ₹120

Train & Night stay ₹100

Miscellaneous costs ₹50

Total for Day 3 : ₹270

Grad total till Day 3 : 485+150+270 = ₹ 905

Day 4 : Tirupati to Vijayawada

This overnight train will reach  Renigunta Junction at 7 in the morning, which is 10 km away from Tirupati. Roam around Tirupati and nearby places, or just roam here and there for the  entire day, go sight-seeing, take pictures, charge the phone etc are the main programs for the day. Maybe I can limit the food cost to 100 or 150.

And then wait in the Tirupati Juction railway station for the next overnight train to Vijayawada. Then the next question, why Vijayawada?! Because this will be an intermediate stop to have some break from long travelling and to get the next train to avoid another night stay. There is a passenger train from Tirupati at 1 am which will reach Vijayawada at around 12pm. You know why I choose passenger trains all the time. Or else read it here. So this journey will cost me only ₹50

So Day 4

Food : ₹150

Train and night stay : ₹50

Miscellaneous : ₹50

Day 4 Total : ₹250

Grand total : 905+250 = ₹1155

Day 5 : Vijayawada to Vishakhapatanam

Day 5 will start in the train and will reach the destination ie Vijayawada in the noon time.  There isn’t pretty much thing to do other than charging phone, camera and laptop. And then spend some more time.  The passenger train from Vijayawada to Vishakhapatanam starts from this station at 9pm and reaches destination at around 9am. Train fare ₹ 50

Food : ₹150

Train and night stay : ₹50

Day 5 Total : ₹200

Grand Total : 1155+200 = ₹1355

Day 6 : At Vishakhapatanam

Sleeping in night trains are no fun if you have not reserved in advance. You must be knowing it from my previous posts. So one might need a break. I have found a couch surfer in Vishakhapatanam and has accepted my request. So I can stay there and recharge my battery along with all other electronic gadgets! So one more night at a couch surfer’s place.

So food and Miscellaneous costs : ₹ 200

Day 6 Total : ₹ 200

Grad total : 1355+200 = ₹ 1555

Day 7 : From Vishakhapattanam to :

First in the morning Saying thanks and good bye to the couch surfer. And then There are two options, either go to Bhubaneshwar or to Kolkata. As I couldn’t find any passenger trains to either of these locations, I have decided to take the longer train. So day 7 can be Vishakhapattanam to Kolkata, the city of Joy. And I am sure to find a couch in Kolkata. If not I am sure to find cheaper alternatives.

This train journey is longer, It will take anywhere from 14 hours to 16 hours. So I have to make sure  I wont reach Kolkata on some odd hours. So I will have to take any evening trains from Vishakhapattanam. And again one more night in the train. It will cost me ₹ 265.

So Food : ₹ 150

Train and night stay : ₹ 265

Miscellaneous : ₹ 50

Day 7 Total : ₹ 465

Grand total : 1555+465 = 2020!!

Alert : 2000 rupees exceeded! So it means end of my imaginary journey! Maybe I can starve, save some more money and try to reach my North East dream destination! 😉

Well let me calculate total distance travelled in 7 days at ₹ 2000

Day 1 : Kannur to Coimbatore : 260km

Day 2 : Coimbatore to Chennai : 490km

Day 3 : Chennai to Pondicherry : 190km

Day 4 : Pondicherry to Tirupati : 280km

Day 5 : Tirupati to Vijayawada : 390km

Day 6 : Vijayawada to Vishakhapatanam : 350km

Day 7 : Vishakhapatanam to Kolkata : 880km

Total Distance : 2840km

Total cost : ₹ 2020

Cost per km ₹ 1.40 :p

NB : Always fill up your water bottles from a reliable place. Try not to buy new ones. It will save some bucks.

Well this is how I planned my previous trip which never happened because of an amazing place called Auroville.

So let me know if you want me to do an imaginary travel like this till Meghalaya ?!

93 thoughts on “The 2000 Rupees Project : How to Plan like a real HOBO”

  1. north east ….my feet are itching ! BTW great job on the length of trip within a shoe string budget ! I wish I could be as disciplined as you …

    Liked by 1 person

          1. Oof how does everyone know that!? 😛
            Had I known it, I would have never taken it up! Its basically 3 different exam levels and 3 years of articleship but then we have levels with a fixed amount of gap that is compulsory to maintain before giving the next exam attempt…technically serving the last 6 months of my articleship and since I started it waaay back in college covered up 3 years there itself 🙂

            Liked by 1 person

          2. awesome. I hope you did your internship with a good firm. 😉 And this is supposed to be a peak time for CAs Auditing and stuff. .Right? ( ikr Show off 😛 )


          3. Haha 😀 I did join a big firm earlier but the pressure was too much to handle so I quit and joined a smaller one with the hope that I would have some amount of free time but Alas! 😦 my expectations went down the drain 😥

            It is always peak time! 😦

            Liked by 1 person

          4. Haha 😀 Yeah! but then I have a valid excuse, my Ma herself asked me to join two days later 😛 after I get used to the mad schedule again 😛

            Liked by 1 person

          5. Haha 😀 are wanderer is my copy right!! 😛

            Such an excuse! And someone was telling me that I have a few excuses up my sleeve! 😀 😛

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    1. No, I didn’t proceed. I guess I did write the post very bad! Many people are somehow convinced that I did that trip. It was only an imaginary trip, only a plan. I never did it.


      1. maybe you could edit it then 🙂 its not bad..just never clarifies that u didn’t travel to NE. Also ur first travel diary post mentions NE, so I was confused..

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha.. Thanks bro. That will be great to have a trip together and keep picturing together 😀 Next destination not yet decided 🙂 Will let you know once fixed. Where are you at present?

      Liked by 1 person

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