Hello everyone,

After a long interval of 3 weeks and some days, I am back here writing something again. After going through many chains of events, meeting people and  unplanned wandering, I am now at Chennai. And what makes this post special is not that I am updating after a long time gap, but I am writing this in the comfort of a home offered to me by a fellow travel blogger whom I haven’t met till the previous night. I am enjoying the lavish hospitality offered by CheefHobo of Of Itchy Feet and Beyond. I find it amazing to meet awesome people on this journey of life. Cheefhobo happily agreed to host my travel companions and me at his home even though he is super busy with work schedule. So with his help I am back to the world of high speed internet and blogging. Hopefully I will start to update my travel stories regularly from this week onwards. Now I am heading to the Besant beach Chennai. Hopefully I can find the members of Couch surfing meet up. Else I might be able to witness a beautiful sunset. Or I could get a taste of the Chennai ‘terrific’ block! See you all real soon.

30 thoughts on “Updating…”

          1. Hey, thank you so much for tagging me in the post. I have seen it. They are pretty. I am sure most of the people take similar pictures 🙂


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