When God comes to meet you in person.

theyyam malabar kerala folklore
The Human touch of Gods

When Gods take human form and comes to visit you ,

What will you do?  What will be your first reaction?

What will you ask from him?

All pictures are taken by Trablogger. Please contact for approval, if you would like to use them for any purpose.

21 thoughts on “When God comes to meet you in person.”

          1. If he presents ID, he might not be GOD all-together :O
            And English-Hindi…what difference its gonna make..ISn’t he THE GOD, the know it all kind 😛


          2. Okay! Honestly, lets not make it a funny business…keep yours and my wall clean of this log 😛
            Will catch up with your blog 😀 and hope to see you at mine, yours suggestions are taken into account. 🙂 and not to disappoint you: the Reader with my long paragraphs

            Liked by 1 person

          3. My wall never gets untidy because of having a conversation 😀
            Well thank you for visiting my blog.
            And glad that you have taken those suggestions into consideration. Did you add the ‘recent posts’ too? Anyways glad to meet you.


          4. Naah! I didn’t add the recent posts.
            and conversations are good specially the chirpy ones we just did :D.. but only if we didn’t stop, we will end up creating a log 😛
            Glad to meet you too 🙂 and Kerala is beautiful ❤


        1. Feedback given and I didn’t mean to end it if only I didn’t had to carry on with my assignment…3rd post is awaited and I haven’t even started with the thought…so wish me luck and am getting back 😉


          1. All the best. Make it an exquisite one. Why don’t you try a conversational post. A story progresses through a conversation?! Wouldn’t be hard for you to come up with one 🙂

            Liked by 1 person

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